United Fuel Services: About UFS

United Fuel Services:  Acting corporate in the bunker market

In March 2007 Schoeller Holdings, the Hartmann and Briese Groups of Companies have centralized their
fuel requirements in one unit and have launched UFS.

United Fuel Services – the company’s name explains: All fuel requirements for vessels belonging to these
well known shipping companies being purchased exclusively by UFS. Acting as Owners sole representatives
in the marketplace, UFS is sourcing products and services for the accounts of the various individual first class
shipping companies. The UFS role differs from the usual role of a Broker in an easy way.
We do not require commissions from suppliers/sellers, we forward the net prices and the bunker bill goes
direct to the end user for settlement to terms.

The dynamic growth of fleets made it strategically reasonable to act corporate in the bunker market, since
operational costs for vessels have increased largely upon the back of average bunker prices.
United Fuel Services is global, reliable and professional - one voice in the marketplace.

Meanwhile also Owners of other friendly companies have realized, that purchasing power in combination
with profound in-house market understanding is a better way to fuel their ships.

United Fuel Services:  Professional and reliable - worldwide

A global network of reliable, competitive and efficient working suppliers and traders

Based in downtown Bremen, Germany, UFS is headed by Holger Pommer, who has served many years as trading manager in leading international bunker trading companies Tramp Oil / WFS.

In all our activities we seek to stand for some unchanging fundamental qualities - integrity, honesty and striving for mutual advantage. 

Our end users deserve the best value service from UFS and we demand the best value goods and services from our suppliers. In order to serve best value, we are very selective in the choice of our business partners on the supply side.
Reliable, competitive and efficient working solution providers are the ideal partners to participate in a global network for now and future to secure the high-end quality demand of the rapidly growing fleets served by UFS. Worldwide.

Quality and safety always come first 

Safeguarding the common interests of their shareholders Schoeller, Briese and Hartmann, the team of UFS wants to write a new chapter in bunker purchase, while at the same time continuing with good traditions. 
Quality, safety and economic sense are the basics of our duty and within it's first year UFS has left an enormous footprint in the global marketplace in this meaning.

We are proud to be part of first class shipping companies and their highly professional people.